A part of Not Sand And Sound, to be published in early 2018 …

…. Born to be Blue comes to my mind. I look up the domain and find it on sale. I send a request. No need that the technician had to do it. I will tell you later more how it worked out. … 

Two days later, when I was back at my desk doing the regular boring stuff I found the e-mail from the domain broker about my inquiry on Born to be Blue and an offer to buy it outlining the methods for a fair value of trade. The e-mail was marked confidential so I am not allowed not copy the text I got. I have to shorten it and I call the person Max H, “My name is Max H. … Could we arrange a call to discuss this opportunity further?”

Max H. contacted me by phone. I explained that I would like to sell some domains to him or via him after seeing their reply. I told him, “xx,000.00 USD that’s a dramatic value. I have a lot of stunning domains, but I never ever received offers on such a level. Recently I sold a 4-letter dot com domain for 2,500 USD, more was not offered by any broker.”

The next day I found in my in-box quite a charming discount, so charming that I thought about buying it, but did not take it. It would have been nice to have Born to be Blue …

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