NOT SAND AND SOUND will be the title of the book coming after The Gods of Informatics. It starts this way …


Nobody in this story, and no outfit or corporation, thank God, is based upon an actual person or outfit in the real world. But I can tell you this; as my journey through the jungle of informatics progressed, I came to realize that, by comparison with the reality, my story was as tame as a holiday postcard.

used without permission by John le Carre´


I sit now for days holing a pen in hand, a symbolic pen I shall call it, as this picture fits better to reality. A form of reality you know. The only one you know. To write a story down I don’t need any pen, you also don’t need one any longer, but it is a good picture, so you see I struggle to find the right start for my story. “The only one they know” is a key message in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. The lines in the play are completed by “people are bloody ignorant” and the explanation follows by saying that “people believe in the only version they know.” But the much harder part to digest is that the main characters, Vladimir and Estragon, can’t leave as both are waiting for Godot. You may know that Godot never arrives. Waiting is all that happens.

This fate I don’t want for you. I want that you face Godot. You shall read the reality behind the common beliefs and understand the world, how it is made, and leave false boundaries built up over generations behind. Does this scare you? It shall not. If I wanted to scare you I would make you believe different things. This I could easily do and I did in the life I am now looking back at.

My life long work was at the NGA in Springfield, Virginia. I was a C-Evangelista. I had the top status to cover facts, to keep our society stable and running. It started unnoticed over decades until suddenly the big bang happened when President Trump’s office created the term “alternative facts,” made it visual what we do all day long at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. Luckily, no one took the ball and saw the truth behind the saying. In fact, many of President Trump’s insights have not been taken seriously. His presidential tweets degenerated to a laugh or at best to a running gag. That we and the FBI and other agencies create an alternative reality was just stated too early so we could cover up and get along. Not even in the annual Bilderberg meetings it was mentioned. What we do in the department C sounded at this time crazy, weird, spooky or whatever you call it, when you do what we do. Later we gained control over what “shall be known in our society and what not.”

The annual budget that the tax-payers handed over to us, had not been made public for a long time, but not for the reason stated. After 9/11 it did not really matter any longer how many billions per year we spend. That you shall not know the number of employees we have now after the last published report in 2003, when there were 14,500, brings you closer to the reason why everything that happens in the NGA is classified. Nerds, geeks and readers with a strong affinity to technology think the main reason is to hide the utmost dimension of the heavy, large systems we operate, which collects and stores all data on earth before putting the pieces together. When hearing Big Data quite a lot of them move into conspiracy theory. NGA, as George Orwell’s BBIWY? Sure, we are a Big Brother, we watch and we watch you, but we don’t manipulate things when we project the risks our society has to face. We say that we simplify them. We have to. We have to avoid sudden departures. We have to select. Some discoveries would, if they suddenly emerge and go public, end up in an uncontrollable way. We serve. We protect. All for our homeland.

I take my pen, I begin to write down my story just as the song, ‘Gods and Monsters’ is aired. I hear Lana Del Ray, a voice beyond words. Tears are running down my face. Each word of her song hits me in my bones. Each word! I have to write the book. Gods and Monsters are in my head. I must do.

“Life imitates Art,” she is singing, “No one takes my soul away.” I cry. I hope for this. Some days after my book will be published I will know. I don’t know how many days I will have then left.

For over 40 years I gave “All That I Have”. I worked for our motto: “Know the Earth, Show the Way, Understand the World.” That’s the official published version.

That’s a big picture you say, but the key to understand everything is a different one. One part is missing in the mission statement. That missing part is the reason, is the case why I said at the beginning that I sit now for days to work out the ways to tell you my story. If I said, “We run 100 times more computer capacity than Alphabet, Amazon and facebook together,” you would say that I fantasize and I hide to give proof by using the stamp “classified.”  Luckily we are all humans, if I may use this sloppy term.

I understand better than anyone else how our director might feel by looking at his income category. He told me that when he was a toddler just entering high school his father took him to an NGA reception barbeque. He saw the former director standing at the grill having the honor to turn the hamburger for Bill Clinton, Raquel Welch, Jeff Bezos and other prominent or rich people. What might have been his feelings some 50 years later at his own retiring barbeque? All the knowledge, all the secrets accumulated, knowing everything about the guests attending, knowing who had last week a secret date with whom and now is playing, “Have we met before? Nice to meet you.”

The day before I handed him a handwritten note, written with my pen, the real one I always carry with me, stating that the Blue Moon Bank had withdrawn a loan guarantee from someone playing the big guy right now, biting into the spare-ribs. The Mercedes he arrived in was a rented one. His Bentley was at the mechanic, he said and made a story out of it. Bullshit, it was confiscated on outstanding payments. My boss was thinking about buying a retirement property from him, so I felt the urge to share this detail. He nodded. A nod was all that was needed between him and me.

I was the technician at his parties, the barman you may say, for many years. I played when the party rocked to the end and all the oldies and cranky millionares’ with their young spouses left songs with a mission inside me. I played them loud. You may tune in to the atmosphere by listening to some of them. Tune in to songs by Informatiks, like Autonomous – constant surveillance; A matter of time; A world of Wonders; or, chose Röyksopp’s song, What else is there.

Yes, what else is there? The big question.

No one might have seen the hidden message that I had the filters in hand, the power to select what the director and the big bosses got, and what not, and much more importantly, what I secretly took out of the requested data. I serve. I protect. Paid as a barman, all drinks for free, might best describe the position I held. I had no proprietorship, but I had access and the ability to make use out of that. No property has any value if you are not able to use it. This goes for things and it goes for people. You feel offended because I said, “and it goes for people?” You are right, as you know, only one side of the medal right now. “The only version they know” you remember?  I give you the version you shall know by the words of one of the former directors of the NGA, Robert Cardillo, spoken at Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronic Show, where the show was on him. It was one of the last speeches where words of truth had been openly spoken. Mighty players behind the curtain don’t like it when things are published to spoil one’s ego. Here is what Robert Cardillo, the sixth director of the NGA said in 2016:

“So with that as my proposed value proposition, let me tell you a bit about my organization, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, also known as “NGA” – the other National Gallery of Art, or National Governor’s Association. NGA delivers world-class geospatial intelligence that provides a decisive advantage to policymakers, warfighters and intelligence professionals. …

 “Another way to state NGA’s value proposition is that we provide the content and the context so the Nation can know the truth, see beyond the horizon, and be able to act before events dictate. …

 “Yes, our mission includes analyzing data from government spy satellites; but it’s so much more, because the world situation demands it, and our customers deserve it. It’s about applying our tradecraft and advanced tools to evaluate imagery, maps, charts, multiple layers of data – such as terrain, elevation, and gravity – and the full spectrum of visible and invisible light. Our job is to understand what’s happening and, where we can, why it’s happening, anywhere on the planet, at all times – and to share our insight with mission partners, to pro-actively strengthen our nation’s security, and to respond to natural and man-made disasters.”

I was there at the CES in Las Vegas, just finished my Master’s degree in cybernetics and warfare at MIT, having an offer for a sponsored Ph.D. program by SR Hadden Foundation in hand, to stay at the university for some more years and then most likely go into teaching. I saw my future quite well sorted out… thinking, maybe a spin-off will happen in time, having some patents, and breathtaking algorithms for Big Data in hand?

I was curious about what Robert Cardillo would say at a consumer show, knowing that the Department of Defense is far away from any consumer, but will become one of the big players in the future of simulation,  with all the tons of data from GPS navigation in hand.

Why else did I combine programming, tactical simulation and write my thesis about social convergences in Big Data analyses for the warfighter? I know the future, at least I thought so. But, it was this line in the speech of Robert Cardillo that made me join the agency,

“… and we must exist at the cutting edge of technology.”

As an alternative to continue at MIT, heading to an academic career, I had offers from Google, Apple, Blue Origin that would double my income and give me shares and benefits you might not believe. Right in the moment he spoke the words, “we must exist at the cutting edge of technology,” I thought of Roy Batty, the Tears and Rain dialogue, that had once made me cry as I was reading the Gods of Informatics, where the author wants to find the bunny. What is all the money if you miss the bunny? Geospacial systems might help to find her. But… there was more. Robert Cardillo said,

It means that we have to understand the world of social media, and how our adversaries are working to exploit it. … We have to succeed in the open, so we can gather, assess and document information to detect patterns of behavior, interpret those behaviors, create insight and understanding from the tsunami of data that’s available and advantage those who depend on us.”

Depend on us? I thought, but I did not keep the thoughts to myself, I spoke “I depend on it. I am right there.” My neighbor looked at me puzzled and then he smiled noticing that my face turned red. I said, “Sorry.”

He handed me his business card – Director recruitment NGA, dept. 42. I could not believe it, department 42. I nodded and took the card. It can’t be a joke that NGA has a department No. 42. It must be the message of the Gods, a message of a Golden Nugget directed to me. I slipped the message in my jacket. I was about to say “thank you” as Robert Cardillo was making a statement, which turned out to be like a closure, that I had to join the agency.

“NGA welcomes and embrace all new information sources. We have momentum in this area.”

Momentum? One of my most favorite songs by Röyksopp. I remember the lyrics I used in different art installations because of the powerful message given in the song,

“I will let this monument represent a moment of my life, life, life, of my life, life, life, of my life…”

The Momentum had just made its way when Robert Cardillo introduced a term that shall change my life,

‘spatio-temporal thinking’.

 It was as if I heard Roy Batty speaking from the off.

“It’s is thinking in multiple dimensions, and that extends to both time and space. It’s the ability to put together the myriad pieces of that jigsaw puzzle. But since every human activity changes through time and place, a human jigsaw puzzle constantly changes. Pieces move in and out, shapes of pieces themselves change, and the puzzle can spin around, or change dimensions.”

The director said it word by word, but for me it was like Roy Batty spoke or Röyksopp or the Surreal Tower if he had a voice.

That Robert Cardillo had stated that the Internet of Things, or the Internet of Everything, will emerge with geolocation sensors in everything, from self-driven automobiles to our clothing, that the importance of knowing the geolocation of everything is the bridge between commerce, cooperation, and security was next to cold coffee for me compared to showing the ways to ‘spatio-temporal thinking’.

Later I read the full speech once more as I had joined the NGA, offering me a combination of cutting edge in computer technology and gaining academic merit. I tried to make my Ph.D, stretched over five years, with a part time hiatus in field research – in a special field that shall lead to the title of my book. I will tell later more. You can’t wait? First I have to say that I did not make it to the Ph.D. Not because I was getting lazy or the daily work put me off track or that my brain eroded over time, no I did not finish on purpose. So I stayed at operational level, call it the doing level. Some wanted to promote me to group analyst, giving me manager status, but with all others around having a Ph.D, the bureaucracy did not allow it. I heard over and over, “so sorry, but … maybe next time ….”

I usually nodded when playing with the consequences and not making it to the next level up in the payroll. More than once I showed a sad face and said something like, “I am fine. Luckily, I have not booked the trip to the Galapagos Islands … and now I save some money. Maybe I can get an extra slot in the simulator in my free time?”

In such a moment the person in charge bringing me ‘the bad news’ felt such a relief and said, “Sure, what do you need on support? Fill in the form, you know better as I what all the boxes mean. Let me sign our request right now.”

They always send a man for the bad news – so he put his e-stick in the slot so the form will get the tag ‘request supported by ICD’, which stands for intern career development. He was happy to get off easy and leave the area quickly but, as if from habit, having been trained over the years, he said, “Of course I have no control over the other stamps,” when he reached the door.

I nodded. “I will see, but thanks nevertheless.” I am sure the officer assumed that I would never in hell get all the stamps together for a final go. What did he think? That I need a go? I need no go! I need the stick! I need no simulator time. I, as an administrator, shall have to beg for resources? I am the resource! The resource and me are one!

I once saw a movie where a detective, in a really bad situation, was asked after he passed a body scan in disbelief, “You have no weapon?”

He said, “I need no weapon, I am the weapon.” There was no need after that to ask about a concealed weapon. The problem was solved and not only temporarily.

What I needed in my life, my lifelong, was to be the resource, to stay the recourse, not to move up to a manger and let the others do the coding of the system that was watching over the allocation of resources. Surely you copy now that it is an easy go to overlook that you supervise yourself. I will tell you how easy that was.

I was in the code revision. My boss had the Ph.D. which I did not have. I was not smart enough for the academic merits, the deep insights, where the Gods of Informatics show the way. He found, indeed, from time to time some glitches in my code, tiny things I oversaw. Don’t feel sorry for me, I made the mistakes on purpose.

I knew his search pattern. Where he would look first and where next and where he never looks as his smartness was limited. He did not want to face an explanation of algorithms his brain will not catch. We, at the coder level, might notice it when he states questions that make no sense at all. So, after a while, he stopped asking about routines with bit rotators and offsets in a dynamic stack we used to decipher codes hidden in pictures.

Instead he said “This routine we supervised last time, let’s see here …” He loved to speak in third person. “We found out …” became a running gag. Whom he meant by “we” shall lead to his name, the name we called him, ‘intern’, just inside the doing level, the barman level. I shall tell you the story in short as later it will gain some meaning.

Dr. Peter Brain his name, one with the sword walk, quite easily to catch when you know what a sword walk is. You don’t? Nor did I until I read The Gods of Informatics where it is mentioned. The reference led back to All That I Have, a novel by Castle Freeman. “Carrying a sword changes your walk, your habits, your sleep, yourself. This brings you away from Sheriffing, from being centered in you.”

In this way Freeman describes, “The sword walk” to Trooper Wing in the chapter, ‘It Is What It Is’.

Dr. Peter Brain shows up as a single brain, not like Zaphod Beeblebrox who could claim “we” as a fair use. I checked his application files in the NGA, a barman can do such things when the bar is empty, so I know he entered “no known anomalies.” Nevertheless if we give Peter Brain credit for a double brain, as a “we,” then there must be a second one in him somewhere, but where? It can be only tiny. In such a gifted brain there can’t be much room left for more. And of course it is unique, of course. You ask for the actual size? You are close. Size of a pea?

‘The Pea Brain’ became his second name. First just on the intern level. We said ‘The Pea Brain found out …’ – no longer a “we” was needed. Later, much later ‘The Pea Brain’ became a trademark. But why and how you may not imagine in your wildest dreams. That’s spared for later. For now a little teaser is all you get.

The Pea Brain

To be called ‘Pea Brain’ could be charming word, as everyone loves ‘Mad Pea’. Have you not heard of it? MadPea is one of the innovators of immersive worlds having produced gadgets like, MadPea Art Gatcha Machine, MadPea Bunny Masks, MadPea Writers Corner, MadPea Doctor Hoo Owl, MadPea Asylum, MadPea Egg Necklace, MadPea Runes Set … and more.

I shall give word to Caitlyn Meeks, Director of Content, at High Fidelity, who stated in 2017:

“High Fidelity is extremely pleased to welcome the MadPea team to our Pioneers of VR program. The MadPea team have proven themselves again and again to be among the top innovators of rich narrative-driven, avatar-mediated virtual world experiences. Combining their innovative content and storytelling with the power of High Fidelity’s free and open multi-user VR technology, MadPea and High Fidelity go together like two peas in a pod … so to speak.”

You see it sounds quite charming to be a Mad Pea Brain, but it turned out that the outmost unique tag of being ‘The Pea Brain’, the only brain of this size shall not go on Dr. Peter Brain. Luckily never he was officially called ‘The Pea Brain’. Never the name was written on a paper. No traces of this name assigned to him exist. Later it shall become a trademark, my trademark, my invention, all Intellectual Property rights will go on me, the barkeeper. But right now, as the story is at the beginning, we called him this way on our level, the doing level, the barkeepers level. We said, “The Pea Brain said …”, “…but The Pea Brain will”, “The Pea Brain granted …”, “The Pea Brain poofed ….” – yes poofed, which means vanished, a term you shall remember for the story that I will unfold. Keep in mind he vanished. At the obituary he was called different as something has to be printed. Guess what nickname our director used for him, saying “everyone knows his charming nickname ‘The …’?”

I speak of the barkeeper because this way I keep your attention and I can give you an easy way of understanding things, asking the right question made of every brain and – at a bar, you know, size does not matter. I hope you get the joke as I was told in my life I was making some really bad ones, even speaking English flawless, I am not native English. I was raised abroad. It is said my jokes have some strange elements, they need time to explode. Like bomb No. 20 in Darkstar. You need first a drink or two or three so you can cherish their quality.

The questions are: Who supervises the barkeeper when all the guests are drunk? When he takes a sip from the expensive bottles? When he refills the glass by Ballantines Scotch from the supermarket instead of the ordered 18 year old, Chivas Regal to someone already in a hiccup status?

You are invited to work out some more examples on your own. You don’t want to work out examples for the barman as you got it already? You want to know instead for what reason did I need the stick? Later please …

Let me come back to the speech of Robert Cardillo at CES 2016, so you get a complete picture of this time, the time I started my career at NGA:

“Our goal is to turn chaos into coherence, to find the truth in that overload of data that analysts have to sift through. Our value proposition is that we bring this coherence to the decision maker.”

And he said something I remember that I have read in stories written by Art Blue, the futurologist, who has as an owl as a companion. He said, word-by-word the same as Robert Cardillo.

“And beyond that coherence, we need to pursue and discover meaning.”

Not literally word-by-word, Art said, “beyond all this coherence.”


I had that pinned on my door for more than 30 years. I played at the last party, and this time it was my own my retirement party, Röyksopp, the Surreal Monument. I played it for the owl, as I met Neruval. Who is Neruval? A secret I promised to keep for me.

“This will be my monument

This will be a beacon when I’m gone

Gone, gone

When I’m gone”

Alternate Facts

Our society can only exist based on alternate facts. Otherwise human life would have become extinct long ago. I have to state, to protect my sources, that my book is all fiction, just fantasies. I will add on top that the story is marked as the “fantasies of an old man, giving himself a name hidden in a code. Will it be the name E.R.V.A.R.E.,” which stands in Afrikaans for “old, very old and wise”? In our Western society to be old stands for “weird and not sane and sound.”

This has to be my first step. I need the stamp: insane. This qualifies me for a second upload. In case I have to leave, then all is ready. Where I will then go? I shall tell you step-by-step, as I invite you to follow me. And that will be my first trip, to get things prepared for my writing, to get the stamp. I know it must be hard for my kids to see that Grandpa has the stamp now, but that’s my way. I told them, when they have been young, about Giordano Bruno, the friar, philosopher, mathematician, poet and cosmological theorist in the 16th century. He stated that the universe is endless in space and time. He was burned alive for this by the inquisition. Now you know what it means to have the stamp.

I am granted an upload. Holy cow! Only 2% get such a grant, to keep the human genome alive. I have to use the stamp in the right second, just before it will be withdrawn. I hope my book is published and will be delivered to the kickstarters and they start to blog on it so I have some time to see the effects of my book before the censors will take it offline and send a de-activation appeal for my stamp to the office. There are many names for this institute, office or bureau. Kurt Vonnegut offered us quite a few in his story, ‘2 B R 0 2 B’ published in 1962. I find De-louser, Kiss-me-quick and Weep-no-more quite fitting, but we call the office now SAS.

The last line in Vonnegut’s story got quite famous, when the receptionist in the bureau says, “Thank you, Sir. Your city thanks you; your country thanks you; your planet thanks you. But the deepest thanks of all is from all of the future generations.”

I have to press, “go upload” right in time. I need strength. I need to keep my brain open and fresh. I need the joy of the ride on my side as the future is bright, just different as you know it. You can’t write a book in a state of pain. You need a second download. Sounds weird to you? I speak of a second upload I am heading to and now of a download, a second download – a second life comes up in your mind?

Second Life is the name of a server by Linden Labs. In the meantime, hundreds of them exist. High Fidelity created by the same person who created Second Life, Philip Rosedale. There is also Sansar, Hypergrid net, Francogrid, MOSES, Calyptica, just to name a few of them. What connects future and the past with the present is one of the keys that will make you believe what I tell you. I will share such a connection right now.

The connection comes from Dante Alighieri. There is no poet more famous from the Middle Ages. In 1295 he wrote the Divine Comedy, one of the greatest plots created by the human mind. It is the story of the life-changing love of Dante for a young woman named Beatrice Portinari.

“In that part of the book of my memory,

Before which is little that can be read,

There is a rubric, saying, ‘Incipit Vita Nova’.

(Here begins the new life.)”

                  – translation by D.G. Rossetti (1861)

And that’s the connection to the future. In 2375, Commander Kathryn Janeway, on board the Star Trek Voyager, is reading a newer translation to the holographic Doctor, who was suffering with an ethical conflict:

“In that book which is my memory,

On the first page of the chapter that is the day when I first met you,

Appear the words, ‘Here begins a new life’.”

And that is what the book is about. It happens in the present. It is the story of my life. The stamp shall do it to gain enough time for my book to get it circulated.

I need a powerful message, a picture you can copy; a picture where you see that I am sane and sound. To share my knowledge shall be my weapon and it has to be fast. In Fletchers visions seven readers have been enough to threaten the world, to shake the foundation of the world. One after the next had to face a sudden end, 7…6…5…4, and so on. And the end Jerry Fletcher, played by Mel Gibson, was the last: ‘The only one knowing.’ He was classified “Not Sane and Sound.” No witnesses for the truth left. Therefore I will need more followers to change the world. My knowledge comes out of sources of a different kind. One is that I am a historian. We at the C-department learned from ancient history files how to camouflage things, to cover them up.

So I start my book with a new version of La Nuova vita, which I will recite as I enter the office for the sane and sound, the SAS.

“In the files of truth which is my memory,

On the first day when I will meet you

 I will be a hedgehog and I will say:

‘The rabbit is ready to eat.’ ”

They will not grab it, that it is an introduction to psycholinguistics. Only you will know the truth. They will give me the stamp: Ready for upload.

You have never heard of such ways to cover a message in text as I do? Never heard of Whorfianism? Wikipedia explains the term this way: The strong version says that language determines thought, and that linguistic categories limit and determine cognitive categories, whereas the weak version says that linguistic categories and usage only influence thought and decisions.

I am not a linguist, but the bunny is. She will understand my words and that counts. Why else did I join the NGA 40 years ago?




I am about to enter the bureau for the sane and sound. It is a delicate mission. I want the stamp, but I don’t want to use it. I want to wait until I need to use it. In fact I give a dam fu*king shit on the stamp, but it is the best insurance I could have, not to get the stamp to be sane and sound. Then everything what I do has no consequence. To have the stamp Not Sane And Sound, the other stamp, takes the believe attribute off, so all my doings my writings get classified as fiction, as fantasy, as something that is just born in my not sane mind so it is not a valid reality.

It would be too much to tell you all the concepts in this world. You can’t get it all now and sane and sound.

I met once an aborigine in the jungle and explained him an escalator. He did not understand. Finally he meant it is a moving ladder. Someone pulls and pushes the ladder he else had to climb up and down until he reaches the Gods. I made the mistake and said that an escalator would bring him higher as the highest tree in the jungle. He got so scared that I needed to call the ambulance. You have some advantage as when I speak of a teleporter you don’t call for a medic. You know that this is reality. You have done it a few dozen times stepping on the TP platform choosing a destination. Then, depending on the particle effects, you get off with a little show, some light beams circulating around making you look great or – if you are a purist and want just the technology and no gimmick then – getting just the dialog: teleporting, contacting new region, downloading. As a woman or as a man giving company to one, you know the impact well, when the dialog shows “clothes still downloading.” Horrible to see what happens when women have no clothes on or they bang still in the air until they are properly attached. You need an earplug. Ever heard of Jellydolls? Don’t mind. I am the inventor of them. The dot com domain was named to honor me. You cough? You heard a different story? Truth is they did not want to pay me so they gave me the domain and an avatar of this name. “For my career” they said and pointed to the entrance hall where an exhibition, better a competition was on display for artists to design a statue for the institute. They would have loved when I leave the agency, go to the arts and become a Jellydolls maker. I had one of the old contracts, they have to pay me until “the end” and they could not fire me. Not like all the new contractors who depend on the mercy of the director, but in fact they depend on the mercy of the central AI as the director depends himself on Artificial Intelligence. I was lucky that a student stepped in and took the Jellydolls avatar. This way I could promote this artform and bring it to some glory as you surely know. A life without Jellydolls, technology or artform, no matter how you see the impacts, the impact is a fact. Even when the settings are on “No render limit” the eye is faster as any TP re-rezzer, so Jelldolls stay reality for complex appearances, they exist even in the latest 9000 Ganymede server.

I see a new cult on the horizon when the new 9004 engines will be released, that a hunt on Jellydolls will come on vogue. “I have seen one of the Jellydolls, just briefly” and the reply will be “really? It is said this brings good luck, could you capture it?” Then the other person will look down, saying with a sad voice “I was too slow.” I think about something for kids to invent, a range scanner around the TP platforms, so kids get a bigger chance for big eyes and jumping up in joy “I got a Jellydolls on my Androgo, see mum, see!” and mum will say, “I am so proud of you.”

Silence is my enemy comes in my mind. A song by Neurotic Fish. Maybe I shall step in to the bureau and start this way?

Silence is my enemy

“Hello. It is me” I say, “the officer, a super hourglass 34-16-36 looks up and smiles. Noob42?” I shake head “that’s my editor, the greatest editor of all times” she types something in her patio. Of course she did not type and also it is not a patio, it is something you just don’t know right now, so let me call it how I like. She looks up and says “People.” I know that is one of the random phrases for a SAS-test. I answer “Insanlar” and I wait. “Are you a Muslim?” she says. I thought for a moment if she is human and they dumped her like a de-louser to the bureau, but she can’t be one, or? “Silence is my enemy” I say. “Oh,” and she stands up, “I waited for you” and I see tears running over her face “my life long.” I stand frozen like a stupid guy, feeling like a toddler and no clue of life. You may say an old man describes me better. I am old in numbers yes, but not old in any other terms. She notices that I don’t get it, I often don’t got it with women. She says “Do you have your book written?” I just nod, I have no clue what to say now, so I say: “Is it you bunny?” She places her finger at my lips. I understand the room is supervised. She applies the neuronal stamp on my skin and points at a detail on it. There is a chip implanted. It is a NOR gate. “Meet you at the Gate of Nor” she whispers and she looks at her watch “in ten Ahn” and she is gone, disintegrated. I stand in the office. I have my stamp and an inverter. I can switch between Sane and Sound and Not Sane and Sound. Ten Ahn I have left.

How to end this chapter as it is the beginning, giving you a fair chance to verify that I am now Sane and Sound and that it is on me to click for a change? Shall I risk to say what brought me here? I remember a saying that the truth always comes out, always and in all ways.

Later when you have internet you may check out that the Gate of Nor exists and that it is connected to:



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