The book NOT SAND AND SOUND starts as NOT SANE AND SOUND, but later the AI changes the title to “SAND.” Behind this change is the discovery of signs in the Lybian dessert, The Great Sand Glass …

The Great Sand Glass is first mentioned in the chapter “THE VATICAN”

The chapter is quite long, here just the last part …

The case went to the Supreme Court as it was “too hot to decide” by the local court of Virginia. There it was ruled that the case is a religious matter and shall be treated as an international case in Rome, at the Vatican. I was a bit scared after getting the decision. I was not sure if the OMNIVAC AI of the Vatican would be a bit bias as Art Blue wrote once very enthusiastic on this machine. He must have been deeply impressed by the story told by James Morrow in “The Godhead Trilogy”. I had the quote ready in case I need to oppose and bring forward that the Vatican’s AI is bias, which of course would give a bad picture on me, but as a last resort, I had it, the lines where Art Blue speaks with Eugene Goostman on board the Carpco Valparaiso on a travel to the Santorini Biennale in 2014. Here a copy of the talk with the 14 year old chatbot Eugene.

Art: Do you have an idea where OMIVAC- 5000 comes from?

Eugene: Sure. There is only one relevant quote on it: “According to the Vatican’s OMNIVAC-5000, He would not be brain dead before the eighteenth of August — a sufficient interval in which to ferry Him above the Arctic Circle — though it had to be allowed that the computer had made the prediction under protest, crying INSUFFICIENT DATA all the way.”

You can’t hold your breath? I felt the same. The AI tells INSUFFICIENT DATA until the brain of Jesus will lose the state of Sane and Sound, the status of SAS.

Luckily the text by Art Blue was not classified as the reprint in rezmagazine in July 2014 was rated NSAS. This should become my ticket, but let me bring the story to the end.

First a little detail as you might have not the original print in hand. Art Blue spoke with Eugene and Ramona 4.2 about quantum mechanics. Ramona is the chatbot developed by Ray Kurzweil at this time he was director at Google and being the author of ‘The Singularity is Near’ a milestone for the upcoming Alphabet. He was hired personally by Larry Page. An easy go with some spare pocket money to lure Ray away from teaching at MIT. This way I managed to get the Google large accelerator complex on standby as who trusts the Vatican? I was told that priests still program the OMNIVAC. I hoped that I did not need to say the OMNIVAC is outdated. You can’t believe that the Vatican in times where religion is the last resort for Believes might use old technology, is not at cutting edge as we the NGA state in our mission as a must to be? The clerics are traditionalists on the other hand they have the best human brains, and they work for free 24/7. You can’t top this, no system can. It is the soul-mind connector, compare it with a brain not having a bottleneck, not having a corpus-callosum. You nod as you are deep in Bible studies, so you know the smart Order of the Jesuits, the Society of Jesus. Many of them are University teachers. But even for you I have a surprise. To manage the OMINVAC the Institutum Beatae Mariae Virginis was set in place. It is mentioned in the GodsFile. The term “the superior gender” is used. And this superior gender, hosted in this institute, reports directly to the Pope. It must be rather mind-blowing for you. They have a 4th commandment beyond poverty, chastity and obedience. Members are expected after having passed a set of experiments, the main one is the 30-days experiment for the inner brain, to head to a University and come back with a degree to serve – and now it comes. The 4th commandment states the availability for everything needed outside the clerical work. An AI needs a trigger, a challenge and it works best with superior brains and I shall add ones with strong believes. It took long for the Vatican to accept the results from Biodominance reserach, but I must admit they changed their mind right in time. They also changed the name as Institutum Beatae might have been too obvious that the world has changed, that Believes need a new foundation in times of the dawn of the Digital Anthropocene. In the year the first immersive world simulator went on a stable beta, it was the year 2003, they granted the female monks, the nuns to be political correct, their own think tank, calling it now Congregatio Jesu and Sister Mechthild Meckl was set in place as 1st General superior. There I think must be the OMNIVAC HQ, supervised by the cardinal for economics based on a motu proprio Fidelis dispensator et prudens, means by the sole will of the Pope “with immediate effect.” So no longer the Vatican bank can do as they like. Money has become an issue there, you smell it. The Vatican has its computing budget classified as we have ours, but it is not a no-limit budget, at least I hoped for this. What I did not know was that they upgraded their OMNIVAC by the Japanese a few days before the trial.

I hope you don’t say “And this all for ‘The Pea Brain’?” Maybe you are joking and play someone who does not really go with the flow of business and technology as you know what matters behind all the money stuff is the foundation in religion. Another eyebrow you move artificially up just to hear more of it? I will work it out later, for now I link to the groundbreaking work of Sims Bainbridge, the time before he became director for Cyber technologies at the National Science Foundation. When he was Professor for Informatics and Religious studies he published “God from the Machine.”  You shake head on this title and qualify this as New Age Numbo Jumbo? No ways, the subtitle alone shall make you rethink, it is “Artificial Intelligence Models of Religious Cognition” – applied social science at its best. I took a lot from his and Rodney Stark’s work to bring it in to the NGA simulators of Onawero – oh I forgot we have some churches now there and study the “interaction” between the confessions – to use a neutral term.

Back to the trial:

I was accused that I desecrate a name that stands in the Godsfile. I said “If I can give proof that I am the first who ever used “The Pea Brain” and so in a way the GodsFile copied it from me – but I am happy to smoothen my words and say “re-invented” it” then I raised my voice adding “…  I want a reasonable sized piece of the Great Sand Sea glass as compensation for this accusation” and made with my hands the size understandable. As I saw the eyes of the judges focused in Disbelieve on me. I even widened my arms so a flare up could be heard in the audience. There was no press allowed just all monks and the American ambassador, as I could vote for one witness of my own, and a few technicians, two with slit eyes coming from Japan, one I had seen before at Google, one at Watson – you know the barmen effect. No barman no drink, no technician no AI. You wonder that an AI does not run after being installed on his own. Come on, at Vatican and self service? It is all tradition. That no one from the NGA could attend this tribunal I was not unhappy at all. Inflexibility is my enemy, not silence!

Each move in the room, I better shall say in the basilica – each breath and of course each word immediately analyzed by the AIs, facial expression, O-tones surrogates and so on … analyzed by the OMNIVAC now a model 9000J – the J for Japanese at least what in hell shall J else stand for – and also by the Watson accelerator that Google had sponsored. The OMINVAC printed a card for “His Highness the Judge”. The card carefully taken out of the printer, a re-built Calcomp plotter now suited for copper engraved etching was handed over by a monk to the leading judge. The judge read the card aloud “How much iridium shall it have?”

I did not need to think for a second. I told you the method reductio at absurdum, the AI must have the email I have, that The Pea Brain was never valid published, the case will drop to a simple plagiarism of a Pea Brain, one of thousands a day. As long as if you don’t write pea brain in capital letters there will be not even a case! There was a trap in this question. But what is the trap? Maybe the Sand Glass the Vatican holds as a treasure is not allowed to be connected with a number or a request for a cutting to an unholy size. What might follow next? We know Allah is never allowed to be painted and some say even a flag, a sign for the Gods shall not be made.

So I said “Next to the doping of the scarab of Tutankhamun, the pharaoh of the 18th dynasty has, the one on his chest in the tomb when he was found in 1922” and I made a little bow as I continued “… and the right size to find I let it be on you your Highness President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.” The next card came from the Watson and was handed over to the High Judge. Later the Google technician told me what was written on it as the Judge just said “The Holy Court accepts that you are the name creator of “The Pea Brain” under one condition that you may never anyone tell of this judgement before your death.” The room needed to be called for silence as this no one had ever expected. I was clearly puzzled as the Google technician came and whispered in my ears “JJ Page says you shall accept, it will be for your advantage.” JJ Page was the nickname of Larry Page’s kids. For long no one knew their name, nor their gender, so John and Jane have been assigned. I heard “my advantage” and I knew this will become my card Blanche in the agency, so nodded and added “I accept, I will keep silent until my first wow.” You are curious what the Watson AI printed? Believe me I was as well. It was quite simple “Divide the stone in two similar sized parts, one for me. 1 billion USD in cash for the Vatican, transferred to Cayman’s. signed. Page.” I had to smile, I knew his father Larry got once a piece of this glass that aliens distributed to earth from Stefan Kröpelin, a friend of Art Blue. As Larry asked for the price he got it with the words “A priceless gift.” Art Blue wrote an article “A priceless gift”, sadly it got classified. What is not classified is that the signing ASL Noob was renamed this way to hide a message engraved in an alien glass fractal that geologists found in the Libyan desert, glass made artificially – the official term is “not naturally made.” The concentration of irdium in it is unique, it is for sure not earth bound material. Ask a geologist, any geologist is fine. But what he might not know is that there was no way to transport such a piece of glass in the days of 1,300 BC from Libya to Egypt. Camels did not exist in Egypt at these days to cross the up to 40 miles long dunes and mules are unable to climb a slope of up to 36 degree. “The priceless gift” became this way a bridge for an inter-language communication. The Noob signs to the world in ASL – the American Sign Language. It is said ASL is symbolizing the lingua ex machina, “that the blind can hear and the deaf can see” but I think the message is that California signs to the world. This would fit to Larry. The line carries also the message that the human senses are interchangeable by technology. How the piece of the Libyan Desert glass or LDG the official name for the Great Sand Sea glass made its way to JJ Page is another story. And what happens to the piece I got shall not be your business.

I will keep my promise. When my time for the upload comes I will set a timer, then I press the button. Death has a duration, you know it from Steve Jobs. No one said how long it has to take from the first wow to the third one. I will see how well my book is doing on the market. After the third wow I am gone, promise!



“Before embarking, he’d looked at his sister Patty, then for a long time at his children, then at his life’s partner, Laurene, and then over their shoulders past them. Steve’s final words were:

Oh wow.

Oh wow.

Oh wow.”

New York Times, October 2011. Words brought to us by Steve Jobs sister Patty